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  1. A word from the President

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,July 17th
    at Bob Evans in Brandon Falkenberg and RT 60.
    6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    It looks like the Fathers Day Show,June 12th in
    Lakeland was the last show of any consequence
    for the Summer.

    For anyone who follows this show,the Bogy Bottom
    Show is no more.This was a very popular event but
    some times good things have to end.

    The next club event will be our annual club
    anniversary picnic.Like last year everyone bring
    your own food,the shelter(#7) will have a grill.It will
    be Saturday,July 20th 10:00 to 2:00 at Medard Park
    in Valrico.See more details on our facebook page.

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,June 19th
    at Bob Evans in Brandon,Falkenberg and RT 60.
    6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    We had a few members at this years’ Bay Life
    Show.Me,Andrew,Richard,Jan and Ben but due
    to various circumstances we only had 3 vehicles.
    We did have a good conversation with a couple
    of potential new members,we’ll see.
    It looks like the next show will be the Fathers Day
    Show in Lakeland,June 12th.With their write in entry
    format,it may be too late if you haven’t already registered

    Our annual picnic is set for Saturday,July 20th at Medard
    Park in Valrico ,where we were last year.We will be at the
    same shelter(7) with the same format with everyone
    bringing their own food.As usual,they have a grill for
    cooking.We will meet at app. 10;00 and will have our
    “car show” signs out for directions.



    The next meeting will be Wednesday May 15th at Bob Evans
    in Brandon.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    We’re sad to have Duane and Morgan leaving for Austin to
    take care of family matters.Equally sad is the news that Duans’
    car was totaled while out driving amongst the morons on the highway.
    We’ll miss them all.

    Our next targeted show is the annual Bay Life on Saturday,May,2
    Their latest requirement for this year is any vehicle 10 years and
    newer have to send a picture with their registration.This shouldn’t
    present a problem for any of our members.As usual we will meet
    at the North East corner of the show field between 8:00-8:30.

    We have added the Fathers day rod run show,June 15th in Lakeland.
    as a targeted show.See the flyer on our Facebook page in events.

    Don’t forget we have extra club shirts ($10) and get club window decals
    from me when you see me.

    We will be working out details for this years club picnic at this months


    The next meeting will be Wednesday,April 17th at Bob Evans at rt60 and Falkenberg in Brandon.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    We have been getting some real good support as well as results from members at recent car shows.We had 9 cars at the Veterans Park show March 9th.Me,Jan,Percy and dee,Chuck,Richard,Mike M.,David,Duane and Morgan and Terry.Jan and Terry were trophy winners.

    At the Moose Lodge on March 23rd we had 7 cars.Me,Percy and Dee,Chuck,Duane and Morgan,Gary,Jan and Richard.Duane and Percy won at this one.

    The latest Wiregrass Show saw Steve L.,Duane,Terry and Randy with Steve and Duane as winners.

    Our next event will be at Meadow Point 1 Clubhouse at Bruce B. Downs and County Line Rd.Saturday,April 13th.at 9:00 am.See details on our facebook or call me (813-933-2089).

    We have extra club shirts (with logo on back) at $10 each in most sizes.Let me know if you need any.We also have club logo cling window decals (free).I will have them with me at events..

    Don’t forget about the BayLife Church Show May 25th.in Brandon.Register at their Web site

  5. A word from the president

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,March 20th at Bob Evans in Brandon.

    As mentioned on Facebook,we have our new shirts and will have them at the Veterans Show.We were able to get a better deal at $10 and also you can choose the logo on the back or front.

    We’re into March and still have some people not paid up for 2019.Send $20 to SSCC at 1325 st andrews dr.,Tampa Fl.,33612.

    Any one going to Veterans be sure to let us know so we can save spaces.We will park at the pavillion at the South East corner of the park.Select (going) at events on Facebook or call me 813-933-2089.

    We had a good showing at St.Francis with 6 club members.Me,Gary,Chuck,Percy and Dee,Mike and Duane and Morgan with the family dogs.

    Percy,Gary and Duane and Morgan were at the Quaker Steak Show with everyone getting a trophy.

    After Veterans our next targeted show will be the Moose Lodge Show March 23rd in Brandon on Miller Road.As usual we will meet between 8-8:30 at the site.

  6. A message from the president

    my cell is 813-390-7461 for contact when I’m not home

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,February 20th at Bob Evans in Brandon.

    It’s time again for club dues.Please send $20 to SSCC at 1325 St. Andrews Dr.,Tampa Fl. 33612
    or get with me at an event.

    We are going to wait till after the St.Francis Show February 9th to order our new club shirts.If you have not already placed your order,get with me as soon as you can.

    The Elks Lodge Show recently in Zephyr Hills is the first time we’ve had all of our members who went win a trophy.Congratulations to John,Chuck,Percy and Duane.Also Duane and Buddy won awards at the Boggy Bottom Show.

    At St.Francis we will meet in the field as you come in and go in together 8-8:30

    We have the date now for the Vetrans Show on U.S. 301.It will be Saturday,March 9th.As usual try to post on events on the Face book page so we know who is coming.



    The next meeting will be Wednesday,January 16th atthe Bob Evans at RT.60 and Falkenberg in Brandon.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    Club shirts:See ordering information under special notice in this blog section.We aren’t doing too good yet.We’re waiting till the end of january so hopefully we can meet the minimum for the price break.

    Congratulations to Richard,Terry and Chuck for getting trophys at the streetside Classics Car Show last month.

    next show up is what’s become a pretty popular event at the Boggy Bottom site in Plant City,Saturday,January 12th.See details for this and others in events on our club facebook page.

    The next club targeted show will be the Sweetheart Celebration Saturday,February 9th at the St.Francis Catholic Church in Brandon.As with most events,we will meet between 8-8:30 at the site and park together.

    Welcome our 2 newest members:Ron Kruder and Manny Garcia.

    We are now go on our club shirts.Shirts will be $15 each.Please call me (813-933-2089) or E-mail at a_d_marsh @yahoo.com with name,quantity,size and type (regular,ladies,long sleeve,etc.)The basic shirt will be off white (ash) like the ones we have now with the logo on the front only.We will cover the cost of the order and you can pay when we get them.Please respond by the end of January.



    The next meeting will be Wednesday,December 19th at Bob Evans in Brandon,Falkenberg and RT. 60.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    November 3rd,Chuck, Percy and I went to the Moose lodge in Brandon.There were not a lot of cars but it was ok.Percy got best Camaro and I got best truck with the ElCamino.

    The Bay Life Show had its usual group of very nice cars with slightly fewer than last year but still 400+.Congratulations to Percy for a win ,that’s two years in a row for SSCC members.Also showing were Me,Richard,Milan,Jan and John.Hopefully they will keep this time of year for next time.

    The Mason Dixon Christmas Wish Show at Wiregrass had significantly better weather than last year.
    They had a little over 100 cars and have locked in the date for the same time next year.Me,Chuck,Steve and John represented the club which gave us one of each generation.

    The Premium show at Streetside Classics in Wesley Chapel had a good turnout of about 125 cars.Terry,John,Percy,Richard and Chuck were there for the club.

    I don’t know why info came so late but the Cardel Toys For Tots show is Saturday,December 8th at their office on Falkenberg just east of U.S.301.We will meet at the site 8:00-8:30 -there is plenty of parking.

    Another club targeted show is Feb.9th at the St.Francis Catholic Church on Kingsway in Brandon.

    We will have info on club shirts very soon so stay tuned.

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,November 21st at Bob Evans on RT. 60 in Brandon.
    6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    Saturday the 27th was the Stingray Show in Plant City.It was a good show with a lot of nice cars.Percy,Dee,Chuck,Richard and I represented the club.

    Saturday the 10th will be the Bay Life and Zephyr Hills Shows.Anyone going to Bay Life we will meet at the site between 8:00-8:30 at our usual spot at the North end of the parking lot.

    There is a slight change in the Mason Dixon Show at Wire Grass on Sunday,November 18th.They have changed the parlin from the top of the parking lot to the street in front of the shops.We will meet at the parking garage between 8:00-8:30 and go in together at 8:30.

    Please watch for these shows in events on our web site and select “going” so we know who is coming.


  11. a message from the president

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,October 17 th at the Bob Evans on RT.60 in Brandon.

    Apparently due to lack of interest we didn’t meet our minimum of 24 club shirts.As noted on Facebook we will extend to October 13 th when we will be able place the order or just give everyone their money back.No matter how this turns out we are looking for an alternate source for the future.

    The next club targeted show will be at The Nativity Catholic Church at Kingsway and Rt.60 in Brandon,Saturday October 13th.Meet at site 8:00-8:30.Please respond at events on Facebook so we know who is coming.Doing this for our events allows us to save spots for parking.

    The following Saturday will be the GM show at Stingray in Plant City on Park Road.As usual meet 8:00-8:30.

    The big annual show at Bay Life Church on November 10th is a little unique in that they have excluded 2010 and newer cars.For everyone else we will meet 8:00-8:30.An alternate show on the same day is at Festival Park on U.S.301 in Zephyrhills.They accept all years at their show.

    Due to the closing of Sonny’s we have moved the meeting to the Bob Evans at 10119 Horace ave. which is a street parallel to rt 60 on the east side of Falkenberg.Everything else will remain the same.

  13. http://blog.fatkatprintz.com/?page_id=2

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,September 19th at Sonny’s in Brandon.6:30
    to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    The above link is the site to order and pay for our club shirts.As previously mentioned,
    on September 28th we will conclude the ordering period and the shirts will be printed
    and delivered to us.We will then start distribution at members convenience.Also at
    this time we will probably purchase a few more for sale to future members or current
    members who missed the first go around.

    The ultimate Chevy Show at Stingray Chevrolet in Plant City will be Saturday,October 27th.
    It would be nice for us to have a really good turnout for this one since at our meeting with
    them they doubted our ability to produce an event like this.

    The following month,November 10th there will be 2 events,Bay Life and Zephyrhills.Since
    Bay Life has excluded 2010 and newer vehicles,Zephyrhills would be an excellent choice
    to go to.

  14. A message from the president

    Our next meeting will be Wednesday,July 18th at Sonny’s Restaurant in Brandon
    at RT.60 and Falkenberg.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    Our big event for July will be our Summer club picnic at menard Park in Valrico
    Saturday,July 28th,10:00 to 2:00.One of our consistent problems has been not
    knowing how many people are coming to events like this so we end up with
    too much food or not enough.This time we will be doing a pot luck arrangement
    where everyone brings their own food and drink and possibly a side dish.We will
    have our signs out to pavilion 10.This is where we were last year so the site has
    a grill if anyone brings anything needing cooking.

    It looks like the Fathers Day Show on Florida Ave. in Lakeland was pretty successful ,
    see pictures in events on our face book page.

    The formerly postponed show at Regal Chevrolet in Lakeland is back on for Saturday,
    July 14th.

    Like a lot of groups like us we get a lot of inquiries about where people can get
    reliable parts,service,etc.What we are doing is accumulating a list of places we
    have confidence in and putting them on the website under preferred vendors.
    If you know of anything additional please let us know to add to the list.

  15. A message from the President

    The next meeting will be at Sonny’s Restaurant in Brandon.Falkenberg
    and RT.60.Wednesday,June 20th.6:30 to eat 7:00 for the meeting

    We have more weather casualties as the regular car show season heads
    for the dreaded Summer.May 19th the Regal Chevrolet Show was
    canceled and the next week the Baylife Church Show was rained out,
    A word on the Church,they couldn’t reschedule because their people
    were going on their annual missionary trip.

    The F-Body Nationals that survived the hurricane last year in Memphis
    is on again for the weekend of September 21-22.

    The annual Zephyrhills swap meet is back on track for Festival Park after
    last years hurricane.The date is the weekend of November 8-11.

    Thanks to our Club Facebook Page,we are getting a number of group
    members but it would be nice to have actual club members.

    • The Regal Chevrolet Show has been rescheduled to July 14. Use the Facebook link on our HOME page to see details.

  16. A message from the president

    The next meeting will be Wednesday,May 16th at Sonny’s Restaurant in
    Brandon on rt60 and Falkenberg 6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting

    Percy and I met with the Stingray Chevy Manager about a possible sponsor
    arrangement.Apparently they didn’t feel we were a big enough group and
    will probably pass. Nothing is a sure thing so something could develop.

    The show season is starting to taper off a little now but there are a few before
    it starts to get too hot.

    For anyone in the North Tampa area there will be an open show at the
    Methodist Church at the corner of Linebaugh and North Blvd. on
    Saturday,May 5th.

    On Saturday,May 19 th the Lakeland Corvette Club is having an open
    show at Regal Chevrolet,925 Bartow Road.10A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

    Our annual club targeted show will be The Baylife Show,Saturday,May 26th
    in Brandon.We will meet at the North end of the property between


    The next meeting will be Wednesday,April 18th
    at Sonnys Restaurant in Brandon on RT 60 and
    Falkenberg.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting.

    We had a good club turnout at the Veterans Show
    Saturday,March 10th.We are having a welcome increase
    in turnout at shows lately.Representing the club were
    Me,Chuck,Richard,Cathy and Roy,Percy and Dee ,Mike
    Mularoni,Duane and Morgan.

    A few weeks later we all went to the Moose Lodge in
    Valrico Saturday,March 24th.It was a nice show and
    they had some good food.We had most of our usual
    group with Me, Richard,Percy and Dee,Cathy and Roy,
    Chuck (subbing as an Uber driver bringing somebody
    elses car)and the Holbrooks. Buddy won a trophy
    for best body (to clarify,it was for the car).

    Starting next month we will be going paperless with
    the newsletter front page available on the Blog at our
    Website on the first of every month.We will still
    be collecting dues to establish club membership and to
    fund our expenses such as Website,events (picnics,etc.)
    Between the website and Facebook we should be able to
    keep our members updated in a timely fashion on anything
    going on.


    The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 21st.
    at Sonny’s Restaurant in Brandon on RT60 and
    Falkenberg.6:30 to eat and 7:30 for the meeting

    Anyone wanting to get in the news business, now
    is your chance. Andrew has done an excellent job
    as newsletter editor for a number of years but the
    time has come for someone to step up and provide
    some relief to keep one of our club features going.
    Please let us know if you are interested. 949-1930

    The St. Francis Show February 10th was another big
    success for the church. We had a good turnout with
    Me, Andrew, Percy, Dee, Richard, Chuck, Jim + Kathy
    Kolar and Mike Mularoni representing the club.

    Our next club targeted show will be the Veterans
    Park show on Saturday, March 10th.The site is on
    301 at the bypass canal. As usual we will meet at
    the site and need to know who is coming. So far
    there is Me, Percy, Richard and Chuck.

    Another show of interest is the Moose Lodge in
    Valrico on Saturday March 24th.


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